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Volume: 4

Author: California Academy of Sciences

Pages: 322

Year published: 1904

Publisher: San Francisco : The Academy

Science / General
Science / Philosophy & Social Aspects

Random excerpt from the book:
...ocalities offer still a rich field for investigation. Of the two hundred and eighty-three marine species obtained, forty-three were new, and included among them all but four Ttjbsurus sp., Cynoscion sp., Scarus sp., and Citharichthys sp.) of the still undescribed forms of the list of 1885. Descriptions of many of the new species have already appeared in the different volumes of Jordan and Evermanns Fishes of North and Middle America, and full accounts of all appear in the present paper. We have admitted to our list all previous records of fishes from Panama Bay, unless good reason exists for doubting their validity. Several general references to Panama, in Jordan and Evermanns work above cited, seem not to be based upon special records, and are rejected by us, even where there is a general probability of their occurrence at Panama in view of the known range of the species. Of the fishes obtained by the Albatross, we have included such only as were dredged within the fifty-fathom line. Even when thus restricted, the assemblage is found to contain many forms which are rarely or never taken along shore, and seem to constitute a sublittoral fauna of characteristic shallow-water species. Tiie genera Prlonotus, tiymplturus and Dipkctnnn offer numerous examples of such species. List of New Species. Types of all new species are de the Leland Stanford Junior University following list: Carcharias velox.11893 Carcharias cerdale 11884 Carcharias azureus 11890 Myliobatis asperrimus 11895 Galeichthys xenauchen 5821 Galeichthys eigenmanni 698B Tachysurus emmelane 5818 Tachysurus evermanni 6706 Tachysurus steindachneri 7026 Pisoodonophis daspilotus 5820 Muraena clepsydra 6807 Anchovia rastralis 5812 Anchovia mundeola 5817 Anchovia naso 5816 Anchovia starksi 5814 Cetengraulis engynien 5815 Hemiramphus saltator 6806 Fistularia corneta 6808 Oligoplites refulgens 6799 Hemicaranx zelotes 5819 Peprilus snyderi...

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