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Author: Wikipedia (That means the book is composed entirely of articles from Wikipedia that we have edited and redesigned into a book format. If you would prefer to read the unedited articles in their old format for free, we have provided a list of the article titles under "chapters" below. Simply go to Wikipedia and use their search form to locate each individual article.)

Pages: 85

Year published: 2010

Chapters: Bob Sapp, Bobby Ologun, Agnes Chan, Vivian Hsu, Dick Beyer, Julie Dreyfus, Kane Kosugi, Yoon Son-Ha, Patrick Harlan, Dave Spector, Yinling, Kent Derricott, Dante Carver, Zns, Jason Straatmann, Carolyn Kawasaki, Péter Frankl, Kent Gilbert, Thane Camus, Daniel Kahl, Girolamo Panzetta.

Random excerpt from the book:
...Robert Malcolm "Bob" Sapp (born September 22, 1974) is an American kickboxer, mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter professional wrestler and former professional American football player. Sapp currently has an MMA record of 1161, mostly fighting in Japan but most recently lost to Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou. He is well-known in Japan, where he has appeared in countless commercials, television programs, and various other media, and has released a music CD, It's Sapp Time. He also appeared in an episode of the HBO program Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. He is currently working sporadically for various MMA promotions in the U.S., Japan, and Europe. Bob Sapp began his athletic career in college football as a standout offensive lineman for the University of Washington, where he won the Morris Award. Expected by some to get high notice from pro scouts in the 1997 NFL Draft, he slipped to the third round before being chosen by the Chicago Bears 69th overall. Although Sapp was under pro contract for the next four seasons (Chicago Bears 1997, Minnesota Vikings 1998, Baltimore Ravens 1999, and Oakland Raiders 2000, each of which cut him within that season), he appeared in only one regular season game before leaving football. Sapp went on to fight (and defeat) William "The Refrigerator" Perry in a Toughman boxing special promoted by FX in 2000. Bob Sapp's pro-wrestling career started in NWA Wildside in 2001. He was quickly contracted by World Championship Wrestling as a developmental wrestler, before the company was bought out by the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) (at that time WWF). In 2004, Sapp competed for New Japan Pro Wrestling, winning their IWGP Heavyweight Championship and becoming the first black man to accomplish this feat, though it was vacated shortly thereafter due to a mixed martial arts fight loss and film commitments. On October 16, 2007, Bob Sapp made a surprise appearance at HUSTLE's Korakuen Hall event. Attacking Razor Ramon HG and his partner. Sapp aligned hi...


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